Dia de los Muertos


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“Day of the Dead”….remembering those we love.

side shrine

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side view of shrine


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A leaf drawn, colored and glittered by one of my daughters.


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A pumpkin my daughter carved.


Bloomsbury egg

bloomsbury egg

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a quick little painting called Bloomsbury egg

the colors are not perfectly solid but there were many layers of paint put on.

my goal was not perfection, just getting the idea on canvas.

i love the shape of an egg. it is so perfect and there is so much symbology behind it.

my first Madonna painting was that of Mary holding an egg.

someday i will share it but, for now it  is in storage.

i found this site that was interesting:


bloomsbury egg cloth

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working the idea into a small cloth

bloomsbury cloth 2

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Bloomsbury egg cloth in progrss


fish party

black fish

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The black fish….after i stamped the fish i thought this is too boring. There is always a unique one in the crowd which brought me to the thought that since i can remember as much as i have wanted to be like the “crowd” somehow even by virtue of doing nothing i never fit the mold. That is ok with me. I feel i am like the tortise in the story of the tortise and hare. I may be slow..but it is my journey……

3 fish close

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fish party….whoops! i see a spot i missed on the tail.

wavy sand or dirt

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this is suppose to represent wavy sand or dirt….

whole fish gate

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Yeah! the finished cloth…the fish gate.

whole fish gate1

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