the gift of a heart…

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I just received this lovely hooked heart pin from one of my favoriteĀ  people/blogs…

Mary Stanley at Art Spirit.

( Mary, I promise the heart and house only touched the ground for a nano second

while I snapped the photo. It is so cold nothing stuck to them. lol)

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It came in this amazing little bag….

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The little bird was made in Japan…

how cool is that?

Every detail was so amazing to me!

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there is even the tiniest, softestĀ  feather on the package!

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There was even a little house ornament included.

It will be displayed year round!

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Lastly, a cute owl card.

(Owls are a significant symbol for me.)

: )

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Mary I am so touched by your gift…

You are the “Queen of hearts!”

A heart felt thank you!

The winter of the heart

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I have added the words “the winter of the heart”.

(I haveĀ  embroidered some of the words since this photo was taken.)

I am beginning to understand that there are

seasons to the world and seasons within our soul.

Like the water from the ocean and how the tide pulls the water out and back again.

Once, while visiting Cape Cod years ago and the children were small I marveled

at how the water would become so shallow that you could walk for almost a mile

out. Little children and adults a like would walk out as if it was a shallow pond.

But, by evening time the water would rise and it would be impossible to do that.

Perhaps there are times in our lives that become “open doors” or “gateways” for

something new…perhaps a positive change.

Maybe a change of heart….


Cropcircle and a heart

I was thinking about something I had drawn about a year ago….

I was thinking “what if” you were looking down on a cross and it was spinning really fast…

or “what if” you were looking at our body layed out like a cross and it was spinning really fast…

what would it look like?

Perhaps a ball of light???

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(my journal from last year)

I was thinking about the heart as a communicator through sound….which led me

to think of crop circles.

What if we are ” co-creators” of crop circles via heart sounds or heart “songs”???

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I added beads and lines from the heart to indicate waves and light.

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The journey…

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Heaven bend to take my hand and lead me through the fire.

Be the long awaited answer….

Truth be told I’ve tried my best …

and the cost was

so much more than I could bear…..

and yet, the pilgrimage continues…

As I move forward into the New Year I am grateful for my art and artist friends.

I think everyone faces a lot and if we knew what the road would bring we

would run the other way and certainly make different choices.

In a positive light I believe their is hope…

From a Quantum Physics choice…we choose the outcome and I like that!

So I choose a Hopeful and Happy New Year!

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Putting all the heart pieces together.

Peace to you.